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  1. Hi Matt – need some advice or help with my Vespa ET8. I purchased it a month ago in Auckland to tour around NZ (I’m from Canada). I just arrived in Wellington area and have a couple problems. 1 – the battery does not seem to charge – either a loose wire or battery is near death. I often have to start with the kick starter despite driving for hours. Getting harder to kick start too. 2 – my rear tire has very little tread left ( WOF in late November good til March). Where can I get it replaced? Thanks for your assistance! BOB

  2. Hello Matt, it’s Oskar’s mother here, wanting to wish you Happy New Year, if I haven’t already, and particularly to thank you very much for all the support and encouragement you give Oskar. He has had a very difficult ‘youth’ , and now, on the eve of his 27th birthday, he seems like a different person, and Guy and I can imagine a future for him. The patience of people like you along the way has made a huge difference to his progress. Best wishes, Karn.

  3. I had some questions that I wanted an answer an I call Matt for his opinion. He very very politely answered my questions Using his own time. What a nice person. Thank you again for your help.

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